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NiFTea Sips is the world's first phy-gital (physical-digital) bubble tea store! We proudly accept cryptocurrency as a payment method (currently only Ethereum and Bitcoin) and offer our delicious drinks in real life and the metaverse (as NFTs).

We are starting our first drop on August 1st. Each illustration is hand drawn and colored with by our talented artist team BADZ. They are a family of artists that help to bring out each NFT. We do not drop images for computers to create AI art! Each has artistic elements from each of the 4 artists. As we know that NFTs are inherently unique so are our handcrafted NifTea Sips.

NiFTea Sips Token Utility

NiFTea Sips Gallery NFTs are a utility token for our beverages! Every token unlocks a lifetime discount code. Token holders can shop our hand crafted drink selection at discounted prices, all year round!

Owning a NiFTea Sips NFT also makes you apart of the NiFTea Sips Fam - a collective of artistic and entrepreneurial frens! Token holders also gain access to other exclusive features like members only discounts, merch, free drinks and participating in product innovation by voting on what crystals are released next.

Series 001 NFTs unlock a 15% lifetime discount at Good Juu Juu.

The Series 001 Collection uses Polygon, their new POS (Proof of Stake) system allows transactions to be processed more efficiently. That means using less energy consumption, fewer carbon emissions and more eco-friendliness in the blockchain community. Learn more about the difference Polygon makes.

Juu Juu Gallery Series 002 Collection: 1/1s

Series 002 NFTs unlock a 20% lifetime discount at Good Juu Juu.

+ $50.00 Store Credit

+ One Free Limited Edition Merch Item

Juu Juu Gallery Links

Notable Collaborations

We are committed to providing REAL LIFE CRYSTALS to other women-led NFT communities that align with our values!

  • THE ELEV8 YOUR ENERGY BUNDLE, a special curation of crystals for the Elev8 NFT community. Distributed as free gifts by Elev8 founders during NFT NYC 2022.

  • THE MYSTIC BUNDLE, a special curation of crystals for Mystic Sisterhood NFT holders. Distributed as free gifts at the Mystic Sis Picnic during NFT NYC 2022.

  • THE BESTIE BUNDLE, a special curation of crystals for myBFF You holders with the Outer Space background trait. Available to claim for free via myBFF's perk shop NOW!

Learn about Crypto & NFTs: Resources

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