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TEAM OF 4:  A team of four artists that work together to get your NFT projects off the ground. They are able to create the base artwork or assist with the creation of traits. 

ONE ARTIST: A single artist is able to help create base artwork or traits. Styles differ between artists but are flexible with other styles to fit your needs, comfortable working with most digital and traditional mediums.


Professional foam carver, engineer and painter. Professional face and body painter. Muralist for small and large projects. Special effects makeup. Comic book artist and more.


Here are some images of me learning and doing art through the ages. I am now a film student working in the NFT world until I am found by a large film company. I love working in the digital medium but also love many hands-on kinds of art as pen & ink, acrylics, & more.


Here are some images of me as I grew up in a house full of artists and as you scroll through you will see more of some of the art that I do now.  Most of my NFT art can not be shown at this time as it has not dropped as of yet.

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